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Dtech Marketing Solutions is a marketing and advertising agency, our biggest goal as a company is to help you achieve your marketing and advertising goals. Giving you hope by achieving and exceeding your targets and reach. If you’re confused, lost of direction for your business growth. We are here to fix your marketing problems and bring back customers into your business. We are specialized in social media marketing, search engine marketing, pay per click advertising, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media auditing and Responsive Website designs.
We also offer billboard advertisement , radio and flyer distribution services. We are mainly focused in serving E-commerce, Real Estate, and financial management companies while also open to work in other industries.
If you want to reach out to new customers for your new or existing products/services then consider working with Dtech Marketing Solutions.
We are
– Reliable
– Experienced
– Passionate
– Dedicated

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dtech digital marketing solutions agency accra ghana

Digital Marketing Services

Using the power of social media to grow your business

As one of the best marketing and advertising agency, we offer solution-driven marketing strategy. We use analytics, SWOT analysis, competitor’s analysis, audience segmentation and data to determine how best we can help your business grow.

We offer:
– Social Media marketing
– Search Engine Marketing
– Social Media audit and Optimization
– Pay Per Click Advertising (Google Ads)
– Search Engine Optimization SEO
– Audience-focused Content Creation
– Billboards advertisement
– Radio and flyer distribution

Dtech website design agency accra ghana

Responsive Website Design Services

***We put user-experience first because a creepy website is bad for business***

A slow and creepy website is bad for business, it chases customers away. We will help you create a user-friendly website that is easy to navigate, we will optimize your website keywords for search Engine and make it stand out.

– Domain name and Hosting services
– Website Maintenance services
– Google my business profile setup
– Google, Bing and Yahoo website verification
– Professional Business emails.
– Free SSL Certificate.
– Responsive website design for mobile
– Optimize webpages for Google search Engine

Our Core vALUES

At Dtech Solutions, we operate our day to day activities by this four principles to help us stand out from the rest.








positive attitude


The internet plays a very huge role in business growth. we at Dtech uses the power of social media to help businesses grow their businesses through online advertisement, branding and creating a very responsive website that helps customers shop or navigate your website with ease. We are professionals and we put our customers first.
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Social Media management Plan

Helping businesses reach MORE CUSTOMERS through tailored ads and audience-FOCUSED content creation.

Basic Plan



  • 3  posts per-day for three  days
  • Page Optimization to increase engagement
  • 1 sponsored Ads per-week
  • 3 Content Creation
  • 3 Engaging Captions for Instagram page

Silver Plan



  • 3  posts per-day for three  days
  • Page Optimization to increase engagement
  • 2 sponsored Ads per-week
  • 6 Content Creation
  • 6 Engaging Captions for Instagram page
  • SEO
  • 2 Blog post 
  • Customer  Service


Gold Plan



  • 3  post daily
  • Page Optimization to increase engagement
  • 5 sponsored Ads per-week
  • 20 Content Creation
  • 20 Engaging Captions for Instagram page
  • SEO
  • 5 Blog post 
  • Customer  Service
  • Email Marketing
  • DM  marketing
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Google Display Ads
  • Market Research & Analysis

if you're winning offline

win online too

We will help you reach massive audience interested in your products or services through targeted advertisement. Your business success is our goal


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